Abrasimetro Martindale

The Martindale abrasimeter is a device designed for the control of abrasion and pilling resistance.

It allows to perform the classic abrasion test (large Lissajous figure), the pilling test (small Lissajous figure) and linear abrasion on all types of fabrics: orthogonal and knitted fabrics, non-woven fabrics and leather.

Test procedure

The specimen is put in contact with an abrading fabric or another sample or, in the case of a Pilling test, with a felt (according to the standard), following a predetermined number of rotations.

Modular and flexible, the Martindale abrasimeter can be supplied with 6 positions and upgraded to 9 positions.
The device is extremely silent and does not produce vibrations thanks to careful design and maximum care during assembly.
Provides a precise Lissajous figure.

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